ALLTUB aluminum squeeze tubes complemented by ALLTUB laminate squeeze tubes are the packaging of choice for pharmaceutical topical creams, ointments and gels.

Their exceptional barrier properties together with their specific method of production and finishing process comply with the highest standards of hygiene and safety prevailing in the pharmaceutical industry. Fully airtight, they prevent active products from evaporating. Besides, aluminum and laminate tubes allow the manufacture of preservative-free products, preservatives often being the source of allergies for the consumer. Tubes also preserve the galenic properties of medicines.

Used for many years, yet still very modern thanks to the latest printing technology, tubes are still a must in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the current context ALLTUB has adapted to the fast growing market for hygienic packaging and offers laminate tubes which are a hygienic and practical solution for anti-bacterial hand sanitizer gels.


The pharmaceutical tube market

ALLTUB is the world’s largest producer of tubes for the pharmaceutical industry with more than 500 million tubes produced each year, representing more than 30% of our entire production. Three of ALLTUB’s plants are certified ISO 15378 and with ISO 8 cleanroom production being offered. Several ALLTUB plants have a DMF (Drug Master File) with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and with Health Canada.

Producing tubes while respecting Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is part of ALLTUB’s daily work. In that respect, ALLTUB also provides back-up and production support solutions unrivaled in the marketplace. This is why major global pharmaceutical laboratories have placed their trust in ALLTUB aluminum and laminate tube packaging for so long.