Since its creation, the ALLTUB Group has based its success and growth on the dedication and commitment of its employees. Human relationships are strongly embedded in our corporate culture which is guided by our values and principles as follows:

  • Respect,
  • Confidence,
  • Discipline,
  • Continuous improvement,
  • Consistency,
  • And teamwork.

Code of conduct

These values constitute the foundation of our code of conduct and the fundamentals of our Human Resources policy. When choosing ALLTUB, you decide to work for a socially responsible employer who cares about their staff and their safety.

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Collaborative objectives

Our managers are also committed to these values through valuable social dialogue. Their objective is to work in close collaboration with the employees through diversity and quality of life in the workplace.

Skills development

Developing our employees’ skills is also at the heart of our corporate human resources policy. From the very first day, an induction programme is organized for each new co-worker so as to facilitate their integration among the various in-house teams while preparing them for their new environment.

Adhering to these values, ALLTUB Group companies offer career prospects and competitive incentives by integrating individual or collective variable remuneration schemes, additional pension funds and life insurance contracts.

Social responsibility

The ALLTUB Group cares about its environment and social responsibility. Each production plant is very much committed to its own territory. This ambition allows the development of strong relationships with the local socio-economic environment as well as various partnerships. In this respect, the ALLTUB Group’s commitments reflect cultural diversity and local realities.

All our employees are passionate and committed to always providing our customers with the highest standards of service to meet their requirements while respecting the values on which we have based our corporate culture.