Aluminium tubes and cartridges have many applications in various sectors within the automotive industry and the Construction & Public Works sector. In this techno-industrial field requiring highly specialised products, we can find products such as paints, sealants, varnishes, glues and adhesives, cleaning pastes, oils, greases and other lubricants, silicones and other specific detergents…

Many of these products, packed in aluminium tubes and cartridges have become consumer products for over fifty years, even as long ago as 100 years. They haven’t changed, they have the same functions, same practicalities, same shape… All these aluminium tubes and cartridges have become timeless packaging.


The industrial tube/cartridge market

ALLTUB Group is one of the leading global producers of aluminium cartridges. In addition, ALLTUB also supplies specific aluminium tubes to some industrial, strategically powerful markets such as the super glue market for which tubes must be completely airtight.

With a global, annual production of more than 150 million units, tubes and cartridges used for industrial applications fit nicely within the ALLTUB product portfolio.