With 60 production lines producing more than 1.4 billion units per year, the aluminium tube is ALLTUB’s flagship product. Aluminium collapsible tubes are produced in our plants in Saumur (France), Kirchheimbolanden (Germany), Cividate (Italy), Kolin (Czech Republic) and Mexico City. The tubes are delivered to local and international customers throughout the world.

The success of aluminium stems from their exceptional protective barrier properties:

  • Air-tight,
  • No ingress of light and UV rays,
  • Heat-resistant,
  • Corrosion-resistant,
  • They efficiently protect the contents by preventing bacteria, germs and other potentially hazardous substances from entering the tube.


100% recyclable

In addition to these exceptional protective barrier properties, aluminium tubes are 100% recyclable: an undisputed advantage for a packaging today.

Sterile handling

Aluminium collapsible tubes ensure safe, sterile handling: they are perfectly adapted to products requiring the highest standards of hygiene and quality like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foods.


In the food industry, the use of aluminium tubes allows preservative-free processing of products.


For many years, aluminium tubes have been used for packaging purposes in various sectors. Thanks to new printing techniques combined with the natural nature of aluminium itself, aluminium tubes remain a modern and most appreciated packaging material. The latest technologies allow aluminium tubes to be printed in 8 different colours with a wide array of finishes.

…and most appreciated packaging

ALLTUB has the largest portfolio of aluminium tubes in the market: from 11mm (± 7/16”) diameter  (>2ml content) up to 50mm (± 2”)  diameter   (content = 250 ml maximum).

600 different caps

ALLTUB also offers over 600 references of caps as well as many types of threads and varnishes at the forefront of innovation.


  • Various diameters and tube lengths available,
  • Over 600 references of caps.


  • Up to 8 colours.


  • Matt/glossy effect,
  • Metallic,
  • Pearlescent,
  • Raw aluminium effect with transparent lacquer,
  • Vignette effect….