Over the years, ALLTUB Group has demonstrated its unrivalled know-how and technical capability in the production of aluminium tubes, laminate tubes, aerosols and cartridges. From the metallurgist to the graphic designer via the chemist or the mechanic, our multi-disciplinary teams provide quick and collective expertise.

They consistently work on new innovative projects to efficiently meet any bespoke requirements from our customers. Our objective is to always have a head start on the latest trends emerging in the packaging market and give our customers all the benefits.


Three main innovation axes:

Creation of new artworks

ALLTUB offers glitter, pearlescent, metallic, transparent and matt lacquers, matt or glossy inks and various marking types to meet our customers’ expectations (droplet effect, vignette effect…).


Development of new caps

ALLTUB currently provides over 600 references of caps and innovates constantly in this field.



Development of new raw materials

ALLTUB offers a wide array of varnishes certified BPA-NI in accordance with the regulation for this type of product.


Our latest innovations:

  • « Fancy caps » printing or printed cap.
  • BKD caps,
  • Quarter turn cap available for tubes in diameters: Ø30 / Ø35 / Ø40 / Ø50 mm.
  • “Childproof” cap available for tubes in diameters: Ø22 / Ø25 / Ø28 / Ø30 / Ø35 / Ø40 / Ø50 mm
  • Development of metallic lacquers.
  • Digital printing for laminate tubes.