Finding the best packaging is always a challenge for packaging engineers and cosmetics manufacturers as formulas and recipes are ever more sensitive and elaborate and often require very special packaging. With their remarkable properties, aluminium and laminate tubes or aluminium aerosol cans are perfectly adapted for cosmetic products whether liquid or semi-solid. They meet all the market requirements:

  • Fully airtight, they protect contents efficiently,
  • Easy to use,
  • They ensure maximum hygiene,
  • Their design is very appealing for consumers.

Today’s modern printing techniques provide extensive creative designs and artworks both for cosmetic tubes (aluminium or laminate) and aluminium aerosol cans. ALLTUB also innovates in the design and printing of caps.


Cosmetic tubes market

The cosmetics market represents an important and strategic market for the ALLTUB Group. In particular this market includes hair dye, skin cream, hand cleansing gel and deodorant products. ALLTUB is a trusted supplier recognised for many years by large multinational groups in the beauty industry as well as numerous local clients.

Tube effet paillettes-et vernis iridescent