Aluminium is recognised for its exceptional qualities allowing the development of numerous applications used by consumers across the world. Aluminium tubesaerosol cans and cartridges are a combination of cutting-edge technologies 100%… natural! Ten points to convince you:

  • Recyclable: Aluminium products can be recycled easily and require little energy to provide the material with a new lease of life. The general qualities of aluminium are long lasting.
  • Lightweight: Compared to other materials, the content-weight ratio is more favorable. A 7g tube can hold up to 100ml of product.
  • Accurate dosage: Because aluminium tubes are both flexible and airtight, end-users can easily dispense the quantity of product. The dosage is accurate, optimized with a high restitution rate and wastage is avoided.
  • Resistant: Aluminium provides a natural air-tight barrier and is corrosion-resistant while completely eliminating any air transfer and “suck-back” effects. Aluminium barrier properties protect the entire packaging from any external, harmful element.
  • Adapted: Unlike other packaging, aluminum packaging can contain products with strong active ingredients. They are also perfectly adapted to any other type of application with milder ingredients.
  • Abundant: Bauxite, the raw material required to produce aluminium and is the third most abundant resource on earth in almost unlimited quantities.
  • Aesthetic and rewarding: Whether “raw” or printed, aluminium’s naturally glossy surface provides the tube undisputed aesthetic qualities. No wonder why so many other materials try to imitate it.
  • Source of creativity & modern: Just like a work of art, designers are inspired by aluminium as a base material or as a finished product. For decades, aluminium has proved its high performance properties. Aluminium remains a very modern, trendy and stylish material giving real added value to its use in packaging.
  • Innovative potential: Aluminium’s surface provides an excellent platform for innovation.
  • Low energy consumption: Aluminium recycling is easy and efficient: The lightweight nature of aluminium limits greenhouse gas emissions during transport. Energy consumption during recycling requires only 5% of the energy necessary to produce primary aluminium.


The focus on sustainable packaging is ever increasing and aluminium tubes represent an important and exciting solution on this journey.  It is already widely known that aluminium tubes have the great advantage of being both recycled and recyclable.  The Alltub group is pleased to bolster this positive image of aluminium tubes by publishing its first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the cosmetic  & food markets. Verified & certified by a third-party, these EPDs are in accordance with ISO standards.