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Set-up operator

Being a key player in production, the set-up operator controls machine operations and adjusts parameters depending on the type of product to be produced. They are in charge of the assembly and production start-up to manufacture products in compliance with the technical specifications.
They supervise production parameters according to the quality required by the customer and complete the control sheets of the machines under their responsibility.


Maintenance technician

The maintenance technician carries out preventive maintenance operations in accordance with the planned schedule. In case of breakdown, they detect the defect, carry out the diagnosis and make the adjustments necessary to repair the equipment and installations.

Depending on their specialization (electrical, electromechanical…) and with the support of the engineering department, they help find solutions and technical innovations thanks to their interventions in the field.


Quality controller

The quality controller carries out various controls and sampling during production according to the statistical control plan. They undertake the analyses required to qualify the products. They give advice to the production department regarding any defects observed. Finally, they check the conformity of the products before shipment to the customers.


Technician in printing techniques and development of new products

The printing technician is responsible for reviewing and organising the composition of inks and lacquers according to the customer’s specifications. They prepare pre-press checks and colour tolerance ranges. They assist and provide advice to set-up operators on the production lines. They also prepare the printing plates necessary to print new artworks. They support the production department when starting new products and samples.