ALLTUB’s laminate tubes are produced on various production lines in Langenfeld, Germany under the Karl Höll brand, owned by ALLTUB Group since September 2016.

Laminate tubes are a hybrid of aluminium tubes and plastic tubes. They efficiently protect contents thanks to many overlaid layers, one of which is the barrier layer. Both longitudinal edges of the laminate tube are welded together and constitute the body which is then sealed to the tube shoulder. Depending on the product and its content, barrier layers are made of aluminium or EVOH plastic.


There are two variants:

ABL tubes (Aluminium Barrier Laminate)

Laminate tubes have a thin aluminium layer inserted in-between the plastic layers to protect contents. The result is a plastic metallic tube that meets the requirements of high-quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

PBL tubes (Plastic Barrier Laminate)

These are all-plastic laminate tubes without aluminium. PBL laminate tubes have several layers, one of which is the EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol) barrier layer to protect the tube’s contents for maximum shelf life.

Laminate tubes have undisputed aesthetic qualities: they benefit from first-class digital printing. The latest « invisible » side-seam sealing technology combined with the right printing techniques allows for 360° printing cross the tube’s surface.

ALLTUB’s laminate tubes are mainly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, in which their quality has been highly appreciated for many years. The range of ALLTUB laminate tubes is wide and offers various diameters: from 22 mm to 50 mm as well as many caps to meet all our customers’ needs in terms of products and applications.



  • ABL Tubes,
  • PBL Tubes.


  • 360° digital printing.


  • High definition
  • High quality

Example of products