Aluminum squeeze tubes have been used in the food industry for many years: the race for innovation of high-quality products with first-rate packaging is continuous. In the food industry, aluminum food tubes are most prized for the following reasons:

  • Easy to open and close,
  • Provide precise dosage,
  • Efficiently protect the contents over time,
  • They don’t alter the taste of the products,
  • Very hygienic.

Aluminum tubes have also the most important advantage of being 100% recyclable.


The aluminum tube food market

ALLTUB is Europe’s leading producer of aluminum tubes for the food industry, supplying more than 200 million tubes per year for this market. Many mass-consumption products are packed in aluminum tubes such as tomato purée, tomato concentrate, mustard, mayonnaise, meat pâté, fish pâté and other high-quality foods. Many famous name food brands have trusted ALLTUB for many years.