Aluminium tubes were already 100% recyclable. But now we are a step further with 100% recycled aluminium tubes.

 Ahead of the pack for sustainability and product protection: that is the reason why many brands are choosing aluminium for more noble, recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging. With a significant CO2 footprint reduction and supporting the circular economy, Alltub’s Green Tube is a perfect sustainable match for the Wella Company’s new sustainably produced hairdye color product lines

 Wella Professionals is making a meaningful step towards sustainability through an Eco-Ethical movement: the tubes of Wella Professionals’ color product lines will now be recyclable and made of 100% recycled aluminium (95% post-consumer recycled aluminium and 5% post-industry recycled aluminium), which avoids using over 700 tons of virgin aluminium per year. A small change for a big impact.


The Alltub Group is proud to play an important part in the Wella Company’s Eco-ethical movement.