The ALLTUB Group is pleased to announce the launch of its new website which reflects the Group today and its latest evolutions.

After several months of development, ALLTUB Group proposes a most modern and dynamic website, with a wealth of content and with easier navigation. Thanks to a revised structure and a new design, the new website is clearer and more accessible.

World leader in collapsible aluminium tubes and key player in the market for laminate tubes, aluminium aerosols and aluminium cartridges, ALLTUB Group starts 2018 with the desire to strengthen its presence on the web.

The site contains many new features such as a dedicated Human Resources section where job opportunities are presented, and a new section dedicated to the Group’s latest innovations. The contact form is ever present, with a dynamic and dedicated team available to meet the ever-increasing demands of prospects and customers.

Destined for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and industrial sectors, the Group’s products are delivered to more than fifty countries around the world.